How to Choose Best Stroller for You?

Choosing the Right Stroller for You and Your Baby

Different strollers are designed for different lifestyles. By thinking about where you will take your stroller and the activities you might be doing, you can define the features you will need.

Travel systems offer parents a unique solution of an infant car seat and a stroller in one convenient purchase, while ensuring safety as you travel with your newborn. As your child grows, the stroller can be used independently to accommodate your little one.

When selecting a travel system, it is important to find one that fits your lifestyle. To help you with making a decision, we recommend focusing on these key features.

Key Features for Stroller Selection  

One-hand fold

Easy to open/close one handed. is it compact and stands after folding? 

The ability to quickly open and close the stroller with one hand is a very nice feature, especially when keeping a baby in your other arm. Some strollers can also stand after folding without tilt over.

If the stroller does not lock in the folded position, it can opens again with smallest movement, which is not good. It is difficult to remember which buttons or bars you used to fold on some models. Test it before buying and choose the easy one.

Fold size 

Compact fold for ease of storage or transport.


For the mom that is always on the go, a lightweight stroller is a must. The lighter the stroller, the easier it is to push, travel, put it in the car, carry it on the stairs. A good weight for a newborn stroller is between 5 and 7 kg. Some new parents may worry about the quality when a stroller feels light. However, weight is not always equal to quality.

Adjustable handlebar

Having an adjustable handlebar, which means that the height can be adjusted to suit your partner’s or your height, will facilitate pushing regardless of the height of the stroller, providing you with driving comfort.

The most annoying thing when you go for a walk is to push the stroller with a handle that has low or very short handles. If you cannot find a stroller with an adjustable handle, look for the ones that will hold the handle for your height.

Infant Car Seat Compatible

 When selecting a stroller you will want to ensure that it is compatible with an infant car seat for ease of transportation from your vehicle to the stroller and for cruising around town with your newborn.

Reclining Options:

Adjusting your child’s position for sleep or stimulation ensures they’re comfortable and happy. Babies should lie reclined for the first few months of their lives to help develop a healthy spine and respiratory system.

Even for older babies a reclining seat is a plus for sleep. It is a good idea to check whether the reclining mechanism of the seat can be used easily, if possible with one hand.


Canopy with peek-a-boo window

An adjustable canopy will protect your child from the sun, rain and wind and make driving more comfortable. Fabric fringes that provide UV protection are best for sunny walks.

Many shades, especially larger ones, have with peek-a-boo windows to control your child without disturbing them. Others come with a magnet closure, so it’s beautiful and quiet.


 Strollers range in size from compact to full size; depending on your needs you may want one with an extra large storage basket.

Parent console:

parent console with cup holders and wipe dispenser.


Front wheels can be locked or allowed to swivel; swivelling makes cornering easier, while locked wheels provide stability on uneven ground. Larger wheels work better on sand and dirt but smaller wheels allow for a smaller folded stroller size. And, with quick-release wheels you’ll find storage in the home or car even easier.

Reversible Seat/Handle

Younger babies need eye contact with their parents to interact and connect with you. With a reversible seat or handle you can let them look at the world ahead when they’re older.

Infant Car Seat Safety

 Your baby’s safety is important, so choose a travel system that comes with an infant seat that offers superior protection.


You may be suprised to see how good a stroller will cost. While high-end strollers can cost , you can get a solid stroller that responds to your needs a little less at a much more affordable price.

What are the Types of Strollers?

There are several types of strollers to choose ,

Multi-purpose strollers

Normal strollers perfect for everyday activities.

Advantages: Large, comfortable, comfortable seat, fully reclinable seat, option to mount the seat facing forward or back, car seat mounting option, sun visor, large basket for storage, cup holder and tray.

Disadvantages: A full-size stroller can be bulky and heavy. It is difficult to travel if you use public transport, use the stairs frequently, or travel with your baby on busy streets or small shops.

Travel systems

These strollers come with a baby car seat attached to the stroller so you can use it with your baby right away.

An easy-to-connect travel system combines a baby car seat and a stroller. There are standard, lightweight and jogging type travel systems, so you can choose a system with your favorite stroller type.

Advantages: Having a baby car seat attached to your car with an adapter means you can carry your sleeping baby without waking it up. It is most convenient to buy both components as a set.

Lightweight strollers

They take less weight, it is very convenient for travel.

Advantages: Lightweight strollers are with a weight of 7 kilos or less, designed for travel. It is also easy to fold, easy to store in the trunk or to be carried on board by bus. Many lightweight strollers are equipped with useful features such as partial recline, extensible sunshade, storage basket and built-in cup holder.

Disadvantages: If you are looking for a stroller that you can use from the newborn months, the lightweight type is not suitable. Most lightweight strollers are designed for babies of six months or older.

Tandem double / triple strollers

If you have twins or young babies close to their age, this type of stroller can make your life a little easier.

These cars come in two formats: a tandem where one child sits behind another, or sitting side by side.

Advantages: Multiple children can be carried with a single stroller.

Disadvantages: This two-seater baby stroller tends to be bigger and cumbersome, this weight can reach up to 18 kg and occupies a larger space. Before purchasing, it is necessary to consider whether the width fits on your door, is easy to maneuver, is compatible with one or two car seats, etc.

Jogger strollers

These strollers are designed for use in more challenging areas and have suspension systems for a smoother ride.

Most tricycle strollers are called “joggers”, while not all tricycle vehicles are optimized for runners. Some of the most popular tricycle vehicles are “hybrid” strollers that lack hand brakes and other safety features and are not intended to be used for running with a baby.

Advantages: Quality suspensions provide maximum maneuverability both inside and outside the running track, allowing you to run while your baby is comfortable. Other pluses of a jogging car include compatibility with the car seat, reclining seats, adjustable handles and large storage baskets. Hand brake, five point lock and wrist strap are key safety features.

Disadvantages: A jogging stroller can be a little heavier and difficult to assemble, a cane when folded is not as small as a stroller.

How to Choose the Right Lightweight Stroller?

The lightweight strollers, which were considered to be flimsy for years, have undergone many changes. Today, most lightweight strollers have many features that a standard stroller has. The new models not only provide wheeled transport for your children, but also offer more storage capacity, lighter weight, durability and stability.

When purchasing a lightweight stroller, there are questions to help you choose the one that suits you best. Such as how much your budget is, how often you will use it, the weight of the stroller, the desired reclining properties, drink holder, plenty of storage space, how easy it should be to install and fold.

Let’s look at some of these features in more detail:

Safety: First of all, there must be security. If your product is JPMA certified (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association), it can be used can be used without hesitation.

If you are considering a stroller for your baby, make sure that it lies fully and provides the necessary head support,.

Be aware of areas where a child’s fingers can get stuck. To reduce the risk of injury, be sure to purchase a stroller suitable for your child’s weight and height. A 5-point seat belt system is best for the safety of your little child.

Usage and Durability: If the lightweight stroller is used more for travel, look for features that will make this journey easier; such as ease of maneuver, shock-absorbing suspension when traveling in various areas, and shoulder strap for ease of carrying when not in use.

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